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My Style and Approach

Therapy Closeup

As a therapist, my primary objective is to develop a customized treatment plan that aligns with your unique circumstances and helps you achieve your goals in therapy and life. Life can present us with challenging emotions and experiences and I'm here to provide unwavering support throughout your journey.

With my specialized training in DBT therapy and my experience using other effective treatment modalities, I provide a safe and comfortable space where we can collaborate on processing your struggles and developing fresh approaches to difficult situations. When appropriate I love to show up to sessions as my bubbly and energetic self - therapy doesn't always have to be focused on the not so fun times. I communicate with compassion, directness, and non-judgment, aiming to empower and support you as we work towards your goals and a greater sense of fulfillment. 

I integrate a range of therapeutic orientations, including RO DBT, CBT, Attachment and Emotion-Focused Therapy. Together, we will explore these approaches and determine the most suitable approach for your specific needs within the initial few sessions.


I recognize that taking the step to seek therapy can be challenging, and I am honored to be by your side on this transformative journey. Establishing an authentic and trusting therapeutic relationship is of utmost importance to me and in turn will create an enjoyable and rewarding therapy experience for you. Let's begin with a 15-minute consultation to decide if we vibe! 

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