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Offering sessions via telehealth and in Marin County

Teen Therapy

Teen Individual Therapy provides a fun, safe, and accepting environment for teens to work on their mental health. I provide a validating and supportive space for teens and strive to help them improve their relationships with themselves and others. Through our sessions, teens will learn valuable skills to help them better manage their emotions and navigate challenges in life.


Managing our emotions can be a real struggle as they are complex and can hit us with varying intensities, leaving us feeling overwhelmed and impacting our thoughts and actions.However, through therapy and practice, we can improve our ability to handle and regain control over our emotions, ultimately enhancing our emotional well-being.

Adult Therapy

Individual Therapy will be personalized and focused on helping you meet your goals. Wether that is increasing effective communication, learning skills to regulate and manage emotions, build self confidence and self esteem, increase motivation, identify unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaving. Our time together wont just be focused on treatment goals, but also helping you reach your life goals. 


Anxiety presents immense challenges, overwhelming even the most basic tasks and depleting energy. It disrupts daily life, affecting relationships, performance, and well-being, with physical symptoms exacerbating the struggle. Yet, with proper support and strategies, relief and regained control over anxiety are achievable, showcasing strength and resilience.

Waiting Room
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